August 05, 2021
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AGBU Statement on the Formation of the New Government of Armenia

AGBU congratulates Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his team on this week’s formation of a new government of Armenia. This, alone, is a positive achievement, given the complexities of the country’s internal political environment and the serious geopolitical challenges in the region. The global Armenian community, along with friends of Armenia around the world, recognize our homeland’s gradual return to normalcy, using the electoral process to continue our recovery from a devastating war and political turmoil, and the ongoing struggle to bring hundreds of prisoners of war safely home.

Even as the people of Armenia have spoken for stability and peace, the new government of Armenia continues to face formidable post-conflict threats to national security, as the geopolitical realities of the South Caucasus.

We hope these tenuous conditions will prompt the Prime Minister and his new government to leverage their popular mandate by taking bold action to attract the best, brightest and most experienced talent—locally and globally— to help lead the nation forward. The very sovereignty and security of Armenia and Artsakh will likely depend on the short-term decisions and long-term commitments made in the coming critical months and years.

By encouraging inclusive participation and mobilizing our global community, including civil society, non-profit and religious institutions, the momentum for positive change will be reinforced and sustained.

To that end, we look forward to clearer and more direct channels of communication, cooperation, and coordination between Armenia and the Diaspora, thereby facilitating Armenians residing outside the homeland the chance to serve in key government and cabinet positions, subject to parliamentary approval. Also important to consider is a one-year mandatory in-country residency for a naturalized citizen to run for public office.

The reality we are all challenged to confront is that Armenia is facing a looming demographic catastrophe. The 44 Day War and increased migratory pressures that marked a new low point in Armenia’s demography sets the stage for more comprehensive approaches to ensuring Armenia’s viability.

Especially now, the highest democratic standards and protection of individual freedoms can help ensure an equitable judicial system, promote transparent and responsible economic policies, and protect the right of private property. At the same time, a better regulatory framework to limit national security threats stemming from Armenia’s current economic system could include more stringent limitations on land ownership by non-citizens. 

We also hope that Armenia will continue to serve as the custodian and guardian of its civilization and society and will continue to cultivate and protect the pillars of our identity, including culture, language, education and the Church.

AGBU stands ready to wholeheartedly contribute to achieving these objectives. We will continue our mission to help rebuild a more secure and prosperous future. We remain committed to mobilizing our global constituency and resources to strengthen the potentials that lie within every member of the Armenian nation, from government and industry to society, community, family and youth.

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