November 10, 2020

A Call for Unity and Resilience

Statement by the Armenian General Benevolent Union

For 44 days our global nation has experienced a myriad of emotions – pride, excitement, fear, anger, frustration, sadness. We may be afraid of the future and questioning what lies ahead but this is when Armenians show their true strength and character. We are survivors. We have learned over millennia of existence that no matter what obstacles or powers try to control us, our spirit will endure. Our legacy on civilization is marked with achievement after achievement. It is in these times when we feel knocked down that we must look at our history as the greatest story of existence, endurance and resilience.

For 44 days Armenians from all corners of the earth have merged efforts and voices. Strangers have become comrades and partners in collaborations. The sudden attack on our lands released the shackles of labels among our communities to unite us as never before. It is this story that will write a new chapter in which we continue to work together and build bridges to the future. Each of us will contribute to the healing and rebuilding that is necessary to support our nation and our people.

It is our duty to find peace within ourselves and reemerge ready to come together with this same spirit of nation building.

We owe this to our many heroes, those who have lost their lives, those who have suffered injury and those with pain in their hearts. Armenia needs us all. Artsakh needs us all. We need each other more than ever.

We call upon all devotees of our nation - individuals, humanitarian or social organizations, as well as all political parties within or outside Armenia - to unite and rise as we confront any challenges in the days ahead.

AGBU is here and ready to serve. Ready to connect and to rebuild. Ready to support our people, our institutions, our government and our church, and lead as necessary as we move forward together.

Now as always, in unity is strength.

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