YP Innovators Fund


The AGBU Young Professionals (YP) is a growing network of groups and supporters around the world that activates the next generation of Armenian leaders who invest in themselves, their communities and homeland. The YP network creates a pipeline for diverse talents to collaborate and contributes to impactful projects and initiatives. 

In line with YP mission, Noubar Nazarian YP Innovators Fund will create opportunities for the YP groups to start their own projects and become part of a global solution.

Vision and Purpose

Proposals should offer innovative solutions to a specific current problem and have potential to lead to long-term sustainable change, locally or globally – whether in social, economic, cultural or environmental fields.

Funding will be provided to YP projects falling under various categories that relate to social entrepreneurship.  

Categories include but not limited to the following areas of interest:

  • Business/Finance
  • Civic Engagement
  • Education
  • Environment
  • High-tech/ Digital Solutions
  • Health
  • Leadership Development
  • Tourism




Applicants must be of YP-age and connect with a local YP group to qualify. If you are new to the network, we will connect you upon receipt of your initial inquiry (see below under “Apply”). 

Terms of the Award

The yearly budgeted financial assistance for the program is capped at $10,000. The applicant(s) may receive up to two years of funding based on the success of the first year’s funding. Innovative proposals with significantly higher cost or requiring greater than two years of funding may still be considered for the funding at the discretion of the grant committee.

The award will be granted every other year during the FOCUS weekend.




The online application will be open during November 1st to March 15th of every prior year to FOCUS. For example, if FOCUS is held in 2019, the application process will be opened in 2018.

Screening and Pre-selection

Evaluations will be competitive and performed in two stages. A Selection Committee, convened by AGBU, will perform the first stage of assessment selecting 2-4 finalist YP groups. The results for this stage will be announced by April 15th.


The pre-selected finalists will have until July to get ready for presentation battles. During AGBU FOCUS conference finalist groups will pitch their projects. The winner group will be selected based on the majority votes of those in attendance.

Finalists are responsible for travel and accommodations to FOCUS. Tickets to the entire weekend (all events) are complimentary.

Grant Provision and Progress Assessment

Grant will be provided by September 1st to the winning YP group. The grant recipient group is required to complete reports that reflect on its progress towards the outcomes targeted in the grant proposal. The final progress report is due within 30 days following the close of the award year.

How to Apply

Send an inquiry to yp@agbu.org to start you application, then connect with your local YP group to submit the formal application for review. If you’re new to our YP network, don’t worry! We’ll connect you directly upon receipt of your initial inquiry.

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