Generation Next Mentorship

The AGBU Generation Next Mentorship Program successfully pairs youth across Southern California who can benefit from the support of a positive role model with strong, caring mentors.

Modeled after the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program, Generation Next has expanded rapidly since it was initially conceived in 1997 by the AGBU Young Professionals of Los Angeles. In its pilot year, the program enrolled eight mentees. Since then, hundreds have benefitted from the dedicated service of qualified mentors, helping students reach their full potential. Mentors provide a source of strength and encouragement to the youth, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence and excel in school. By positively influencing youth and introducing them to new experiences and alternatives, the program enables them to become responsible, self-sufficient, and independent adults.

Mentors and mentees meet together regularly, while all Generation Next participants gather as a group on a monthly basis to enjoy educational and recreational activities, such as Armenian cultural events and outdoor excursions. These experiences, not otherwise available to the mentees, contribute greatly to their personal growth.

Generation Next makes an important difference in the life of a mentee, while giving mentors immense satisfaction.

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