AGBU FOCUS 2017, hosted in Beirut, Lebanon (August 2-6), will bring together hundreds of like-minded young Armenian professionals to connect, network, and empower each other, all while contributing to the advancement of the global community.

FOCUS is a unique four-day event that brings together young Armenian professionals from around the world to share their international perspectives and further expand their professional and personal networks. Organized on a biennial basis in different cosmopolitan setting, each FOCUS weekend is attended by hundreds of like-minded peers who enjoy an array of events showcasing both the culture of the host city and the shared Armenian heritage.

The event also serves as a platform to highlight and pay tribute to AGBU programs that have positively impacted generations of Armenian youth. Fundraising efforts prior to each gathering have benefitted diverse AGBU initiatives, including the American University of Armenia Digital Library Subscription, Armenian Virtual College, Hye Geen Pregnant Women’s Centers, the New York Summer Internship Program and the Scholarship Program.

Past destinations include New York (2001, 2007), Montreal (2003), Miami (2005), Chicago (2009), Paris (2011), San Francisco (2013) and Toronto (2015) .

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