AGBU administers numerous Art & Music Academies, Choral Groups, Dance Ensembles, Musical Groups and Theater Troupes in more than two dozen countries, where participants may explore their interests in the arts and further develop their appreciation for Armenian traditions and history. These groups strengthen the social fabric of our global community by affirming identiy and deepening bonds amongst the diaspora Armenians. For more information on AGBU cultural groups, email

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A wide array of cultural initiatives flourish under the AGBU umbrella:

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  • Art & Music Academies

    AGBU is proud to uphold its commitment to cultivating artistic talents by supporting two distinguished diasporan academies, the Aram Khachaturian Music School and the Sarian Academy, both in Aleppo, Syria.

    Each institute trains and showcases youth who are making significant contributions to Armenian classical music and fine arts, following in the tradition of the celebrated composer Aram Khachaturian and famed artist Martiros Sarian, whose names the academies bear. With their inspiring concerts and exhibits, each establishment has become a cultural hub within the city for young Armenians.

    The Aram Khachaturian Music School was founded in 2009, and the Sarian Academy was created in 1955.

  • Choral Groups

    Giving a fresh voice to classic and contemporary Armenian music, AGBU Choral Groups continuously delight audiences with their talent. Members of our choirs are led by renowned conductors and draw diverse crowds to the prominent concert halls and churches where they perform.

    AGBU supports various musical ensembles internationally, including:

    Gomidas Choir – Haskovo, Bulgaria

    Aravod Choir – Yambol, Bulgaria 

    Dziadzan Children’s Choir – Cairo, Egypt 

    Koghtan Choir – Paris, France 

    AYA Choir – Baghdad, Iraq

    Spendiarian Choir – Aleppo, Syria

    Grung, Montevideo – Uruguay

  • Dance Ensemble

    AGBU Dance Ensembles have built unmatched reputations for their inspiring performances that showcase Armenia’s rich cultural heritage.

    With their carefully choreographed shows and authentic costumes, AGBU dance groups always command the attention of their audiences, and have graced the stages of some of the world’s most famous venues, including the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York and the State Opera Theater in Armenia.

    AGBU Dance Ensembles include:

    Ararat Dance Ensemble – Cordoba, Argentina

    Garod Dance Ensemble – Vienna, Austria

    AGBU Dance Ensemble – Dobrich, Bulgaria

    Nur Dance Ensemble – Sofia, Bulgaria

    AYA Arine Dance Ensemble – Beirut, Lebanon

    AYA Antranik Dance Ensemble – Aleppo, Syria

    AYA Pountch Children’s Dance Group – Aleppo, Syria

    Antranig Dance Ensemble – New York, USA   

    Tamzara Dance Troupe – Sydney, Australia

  • Musical Groups

    The rich sounds and distinctive patterns of Armenian instruments and songs can be traced centuries back, and AGBU’s musical groups ensure that music enthusiasts can continue to enjoy them today.

    Playing everything from traditional folklore to classical and contemporary compositions, our musical ensembles capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere they perform.

    AGBU Musical Groups include:

    Dziraní Band – Cordoba, Argentina 

    Erebouni Band – Plovdiv, Bulgaria   

    AGBU Chamber Orchestra – Sofia, Bulgaria

    State Chamber Orchestra – Stepanakert, Karabakh

    AYA Big Band – Aleppo, Syria

    Gomidas Chamber Orchestra – Aleppo, Syria

    AYA Antranik Marching Band – Aleppo, Syria

  • Theater Troupes

    The high-quality productions of AGBU’s theater troupes have become a beacon for the arts in many cities.

    By paying homage to legendary Armenian actors and directors, reviving Armenian classics, and producing modern dramas and musicals, the troupes keep the spirit of the theater – a mainstay of Armenian culture – alive.

    Whether they are staging one-act shows or full-length plays, AGBU theater groups always attract a full house, often repeating performances due to popular demand.

    Theater enthusiasts can enjoy the work of the following AGBU troupes:

    Krikor Satamian Theater Company – Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Hagop Baronian Theater Company – Melbourne, Australia

    Vahram Papazian Theater Company – Sydney, Australia

    AGBU Youth Theater Troupe – Haskovo, Bulgaria

    Ahazank Theatre Trouple – Paris, France

    AYA Vahram Papazian Theater Group – Beirut, Lebanon

    AYA Bedros Atamian Theater Group – Aleppo, Syria

    AGBU Satamian Theatre Group – Pasadena, USA

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