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Through AGBU’s many sports leagues, youth in all age categories learn the fundamentals of backgammon, basketball, soccer, swimming, table tennis, track and field and volleyball, never forgetting to follow the most important rule: have fun.

Year round, our young athletes practice their favorite sports within AGBU Chapter teams as they train for local and regional games across Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Iraq, Uruguay and the United States. With our seasoned coaching staff and all-purpose facilities, participants develop skills, improve their self-esteem, and commit to the values of good sportsmanship and fair play, which serve them both on and off the field. We proudly cheer on all of our teams, including the AGBU Armenian Youth Association (AYA) Antranik Beirut Women’s Basketball team and the Ararat Nicosia Men’s Futsal Team, which have risen to the professional level and won numerous national championship competitions.

All AGBU athletes look forward to the opportunity to participate in the much anticipated AGBU World Games, a tradition that dates back to 1955. Over the years, the AGBU World Games has been hosted in different global cities, including Albena (Bulgaria), Beirut, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Los Angeles, Montevideo, Paris and Sydney. At each location, hundreds of young peers gather for an exciting week filled with athletic competitions, social events and excursion tours.

For additional information on AGBU Athletics, please email youth@agbu.org.

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