April 27, 2010

Buenos Aires Hosts Ambassadors, Visiting AGBU Leadership

AGBU South America chapter meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay, and visits of the ambassador of France to Argentina, and Armenia’s ambassador. Left to Right: Armenian Ambassador Vladimir Karmirshalyan, Krikor Manukian, Anahit de Karmirshalyan, French Ambassador Jean Pierre Asvazadourian, Ruben Kechichian.

AGBU's Buenos Aires Center welcomed ambassadors from France and Armenia on the weekend of March 20, 2010, as well as Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Montevideo, Uruguay, chapter chairmen and AGBU Central Board of Directors member Joseph Basralian. France's ambassador to Argentina, Jean-Pierre Asdvadzadourian, was accompanied by members of the French-Armenian community when he met with AGBU chapter directors and dined at the restaurant of the Instituto Marie Manoogian, AGBU's Buenos Aires school, on the evening of March 20. Earlier the same day, Krikor Manukian, AGBU Sao Paolo chairman, and Dr. Gustavo Zulamian, AGBU Montevideo chairman, met with Antonio Sarafian and Rubén Kechichian of the Buenos Aires leadership and members of the youth league to discuss short and long-term projects pursued by the region's chapters. AGBU Buenos Aires was pleased to have present Armenia's ambassador to Argentina and Uruguay, Vladimir Karmirshalyan, who spoke briefly about events in Armenia. On March 19, the Buenos Aires leadership welcomed AGBU Central Board member Joseph Basralian and his wife, Jackie, who toured the chapter's projects in the city and later met with Rubén Kechichian and Hampartzoum Haladjian, president and vice-president of the chapter, at the Instituto Marie Manoogian.

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