December 02, 2005
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AGBU Plovdiv Spearheads Relief Efforts for Bulgarian Flood Victims

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    A Bulgarian town is submerged in flood waters. Last summer's
    A Bulgarian town is submerged in flood waters. Last summer's floods in southeast Europe affected the lives of millions of people.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – A fundraising campaign coordinated by Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s Council of Armenian Organizations, initiated by AGBU Plovdiv, and administered by Edouard Arsenian, raised thousands of dollars for victims of the August and September floods that devastated a dozens of Bulgarian villages and towns, killed at least 24 people and left 14,000 people homeless.

On August 30, in response to the appeal of Sergey Vachev, Mayor of Kalugerovo, the most severely affected village in the region, the first fundraising campaign for the disaster began. 

Mayor Vachev was integral to the construction of the Armenian Church in the nearby town of Pazardzhik, and as a result, AGBU Plovdiv was prepared to return the kindness by raising funds that will be used to rebuild the lives of devastated villagers. Bulgarian Armenians have in fact had a long history with the village of Kalugerovo, where in 1884 renowned Armenian architect Martin Germanov built one of the first schools in the newly independent Bulgaria. 

The following companies donated to the campaign: Kevi; Hamprahum Hachikyan PLC; ELBO Ltd.; INSPRES Ltd.; Arsenyan-2; Julia; and the Yerevan organization. 

Mesrob Seropyan, a Dutch Armenian originally from Bulgaria, Plovdiv’s Feschiyan family and Robert Kaprielyan from Sofia also made substantial financial contributions. 

On September 16, 2005, Plovdiv’s Council of Armenian Organizations, again led by AGBU Plovdiv, executed a second charitable drive for the flood victims that involved students at the city’s Viktoria and Krikor Tyutyundzhyan Armenian Secondary School. 

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