October 05, 2016

AGBU Melbourne Welcomes Film Director Bared Maronian for Screening of Women of 1915

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On September 4, AGBU Melbourne welcomed director Bared Maronian for a screening of his documentary Women of 1915. The documentary highlights the experiences of women during the Armenian Genocide and brings to light new facts and stories of survivors. In addition to recounting the lives of Armenian women, Maronian also emphasizes the European and American women who travelled great distances to save lives and provide shelter in the aftermath of the genocide.

The resilience and perseverance of all the women of 1915 were put on display in the documentary as was the generosity of the many individuals and countries that came to the aid of the survivors. “Women of 1915 unearths the women left behind to experience the worst kind of torture and the most heroic form of resilience during the Armenian Genocide. Armenians are so fortunate to have an individual like Bared Maronian who displays an unflinching passion to unearth new footage, imagery and stories relating to the plight of Armenian women during and after the genocide,” said Berdj Tchakerian, secretary of AGBU Melbourne.

Maronian set out to tailor Women of 1915 to a non-Armenian audience as a means of instruction and to acknowledge the dedicated and unconditional support of the many non-Armenian women who rallied to help their Armenian sisters. Nevertheless, there was still much for Armenians to learn about the topic. “As Armenians, we have read and seen much on the subject of the genocide, yet Mr. Maronian brought to light so many new insights and made us realize that there are so many untold stories of heroes, both Armenian and non-Armenian,” said Gloria Hotakorzian, vice chairperson of AGBU Melbourne.

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