Cafe society is now part of the Yerevan landscape with sidewalk coffee houses and eateries in all corners of the capital, attracting tourists and locals alike.

French Accents

From public gardens and grand boulevards to wine country and cafes, post-soviet Armenia reveals its long held penchant for French sensibilities

Davit Hakobyan

Davit Hakobyan

Davit Hakobyan studied art and photography at the Armenian State Pedagogical University and has been photographing since 2002. He worked at the ARMENPRESS news agency from 2007, and from 2010, has served as the personal photographer of the President of Armenia. In 2017, his photobook Հողի դողը ոտքերի տակ Trembling Soil Under their Feet featuring Armenian and Artsakh soldiers was published in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Armed Forces. He has had many personal exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, Warshava, Stockholm, New York, and Montreal.

Originally published in the 2018-08-01​ issue of AGBU Magazine. end character

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