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With 15 different publications in six languages, AGBU print and online journals, magazines and newsletters reach a wide readership, keeping members and supporters well informed on what is happening both in their neighborhood and on the international stage. In addition, AGBU’s radio shows in Lyon, France and Melbourne, Australia give a voice to Armenian communities and provide an important platform for news reports, discussions, and information on public events. No matter what medium, AGBU’s diverse media outlets keep communities connected and engaged.

Periodically throughout the year, our signature AGBU News Magazine, which is published by the AGBU Central Board, is placed in 70,000 mailboxes in dozens of countries. Filled with feature stories and reports on current events unfolding in Armenia, the magazine also provides a comprehensive overview of AGBU entities’ latest programs and events, and profiles of the benefactors who make them possible.

Any time day or night, users can log onto the interactive, digital Ararat, the seminal AGBU literary magazine. After its first issue was published in 1950, Ararat quickly became a go-to resource for Armenian history and culture, and an authoritative voice on Armenian-American literature. In 2010, in an effort to adapt to the changing landscape of communications, we debuted the electronic version of Ararat. In addition to publishing quality fiction and essays, the new online Ararat also covers current affairs, arts & culture, business, education & health, fiction & poetry and opinion pieces. The response has been overwhelming: since the Ararat website was unveiled, its readership had more than tripled the number of print subscribers. As our social media presence expands through Facebook, LinkedIn, and our blogs, we are continuously fostering important public dialogues.

AGBU distributes the following publications:

AGBU Armenia Newsletter – Yerevan, Armenia (Armenian & English)
AGBU-AYA News – Pasadena, USA (English)
AGBU e-newsletter – New York, USA (English)
AGBU Hye Geen Magazine – Pasadena, USA (English)
AGBU Insider – New York, USA (English)
AGBU News Magazine
AGBU Voice – Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Bulgarian)
Ararat (Archive)
Arek – Cairo, Egypt (Arabic)
Deghehadou – Cairo, Egypt (Armenian)
Generación 3 – Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spanish)
Hoosharar – New York, USA (Armenian)
Khosnag – Beirut, Lebanon (Armenian)
Mioutune – Sydney, Australia (Armenian & English)
Nor Tsayn Newsletter – Melbourne, Australia (Armenian & English)
Revue Arménienne des Questions Contemporaines – Paris, France (French)
UGAB e-newsletter –Paris, France (French)

Radio Shows

Please Contact the Melbourne, Australia Chapter for details on airtime and frequencies.

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