• AGBU Yerevan Scouts make the trek up Mount Ara after weeks of training

  • After hiking to Mount Ara’s peak, AGBU Yerevan Scouts display their flag proudly.

December 19, 2012 | Blog Entries

AGBU Yerevan Scouts Journey to Summit of Mount Ara

The view from the top of Mt. Ara is stunning – just ask the AGBU Yerevan Scouts.

This past Sunday, the group trekked close to two miles up one of the mountain’s peaks. On the way, they found themselves waist deep in snow and caught in the middle of a surprise blizzard: challenges they only welcomed. The 22 students have been preparing for the hike through weeks of regular training sessions, building endurance and discipline that helped bring them safely to their destination point.

With Mt. Ara crossed off their list, we look forward to seeing what our dedicated scouts in the homeland will tackle next!

To learn more about AGBU scout groups around the world, email youth@agbu.org.

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