• Raffi Ohanian on the guitar.

  • Seyran Ohanian accompanied by his father Nver Ghazaryan.

  • Anna Serabian on the piano.

April 4, 2016 | Blog Entries

AGBU Toronto Holds its Annual Musical Talent Show to Much Acclaim

On March 6, AGBU Toronto held its annual Musical Talent Show at the Alex Manoogian Centre. Each year, the musical talent show brings together young music students, along with their families and teachers, for a delightful afternoon of music.

Many of the participants are regulars who return every year—a little taller and a little more mature, tackling increasingly challenging pieces and drawing applause from a supportive audience. Then there are the newcomers, usually much younger, who are taking their first steps in the art of performing in front of a crowd eager to discover emerging talent.

This year, twenty-two budding musicians—from elementary schoolers to high schoolers—offered a varied musical program consisting of piano, violin, shvi, guitar and vocal works for a large group of parents, friends and teachers. They impressed the audience with their confidence and beautiful stage deportment, as well as with their solid preparation. The musical selections ranged from beginner level to very advanced, and a few young artists displayed true mastery of their instruments, both technically and artistically.

At the conclusion of the show, the Executive Director of AGBU Toronto, Salpi Der Ghazarian congratulated all the participants and their teachers, and thanked all those present for their support. Then she invited the performers to the stage to receive a certificate of achievement and a keepsake from Armenia. One grateful audience member—the grandmother of a young performer—wrote, “Thank you to AGBU for putting on a fun talent show for the young people. It was superbly organized and we all enjoyed it tremendously.”

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