Ari Libarikian


Image of Ari Libarikian

Ari Libarikian is a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company in New York, NY.  He leads McKinsey’s Digital & Analytics practice in Insurance globally.  In this role, Ari is responsible for working with the largest insurance companies in the world, helping them on a broad range of topics from growth strategy, to business performance improvement, to technology-enabled growth, as well as developing cutting-edge knowledge (e.g., Digital and Analytics) within insurance, and growing the next generation of leaders in the practice.

In addition, Ari is the leader of the Digital McKinsey Northeast location, focused on helping a broad set of clients across sectors develop and drive digital strategies, and leverage operations and technology to drive business value.  Ari is also a co-chair of McKinsey’s committee that makes recommendations on Partner elections, and is helping drive McKinsey’s overall approach to bringing digital capabilities and assets to its client service.

Ari currently serves on the Board of the Children’s Aid Society in New York.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Ari held various positions at Nortel Networks, and Bell Labs focused on developing and testing next-generation telecommunications technologies.  Ari holds a bachelor’s degree in Honors Electrical Engineering from McGill University, and a Masters of Science (S.M.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Ari grew up on four different continents, moving from Athens to Dubai, to Cairo, to Montreal, before relocating to the US for graduate school. Ari and his wife, Luba, live in New York City with their three children, Nairi, Ani, and Christian.

Elected to the AGBU Central Board of Directors in 2019.