Dec 01 – Dec 02

Annual Bazaar with AGBU Montreal

  |   Montreal   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 01 End: Dec 02 Venue: AGBU Manoogian Center Address:

Dec 03

Screening of The Promise + presentation of the study guide

  |   Yerevan   |   Event Details

Schools only

Start: Dec 03 10:00 am End: Dec 03 5:00 pm Venue: Centre Communautaire Laïc Juif (CCLJ) Address:

Dec 06

Conference with Dr. Robert Laurent on the Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Spitak Earthquake

  |   Valence   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 06 7:00 pm End: Dec 06 11:00 pm Venue: UGAB Valence Address:
6 Rue Faventines
Valence 26000
Cost: $Free

Dec 06

YP Paris After Work Mixer

Start: Dec 06 8:00 pm End: Dec 06 11:00 pm Venue: Polly Maggoo Address:
3-5, rue du Petit Pont
Paris 75005
Cost: $5€

Dec 07

Meeting with Bernard Kouchner

  |   Paris   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 07 8:00 pm End: Dec 07 10:00 pm Venue: UGAB Paris Address:
118, rue de Courcelles
Paris 75017
Cost: $Free

Dec 08 – Dec 09

Christmas Market by YP Montreal

  |   Ville St. Laurent, Quebec   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 08 End: Dec 09 Venue: Alex Manoogian Center Address:
805, rue Manoogian
Ville St. Laurent, Quebec H4N 1Z5

Dec 11

Conference by Nazig Nathalie Karamanoukian “The Emergence of the Armenian Post-Genocide Diaspora in Lebanon”

  |   Paris   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 11 8:30 pm End: Dec 11 10:00 pm Venue: AGBU Paris Address:
118, rue de Courcelles
Paris 75017
Cost: $Free

Dec 13

YP Philadelphia Happy Hour

  |   Philadelphia, PA   |   Event Details

Start: Dec 13 6:00 pm End: Dec 13 8:00 pm Venue: London Grill Address:
2301 Fairmount Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19130
United States
Cost: $Free

Dec 13

Mass Violence in the Middle East Today: Conference in Brussels, Belgium

  |   1050 Brussels   |   Event Details

100 Years since the End of the First World War, 70 Years after the Genocide Convention: Reflections on Mass Violence in the Middle East Today



  • Uğur Ümit Üngör, Associate Professor at the Department of History, Utrecht University
  • Vicken Cheterian, political analyst and Lecturer, Webster University & University of Geneva



  • Aude Merlin, Lecturer in Political Science, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)


December 9, 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Yet neither this Convention nor later initiatives have put an end to mass violence.

This conference will focus on one region, the Middle-East, which has experienced many episodes of mass violence in the last 100 years, most recently with the massacres of the Yezidis in Iraq and Syria.

On December 13, two accomplished academics, Ugur Ümit Ungor and Vicken Cheterian will examine the region’s history. They will try to explain the present. Could it be that ignorance or the wilful suppression of history have helped perpetuate patterns of violence? Can the exploration of history help change those patterns for the future?

The conference is organized by the Belgian Collective for the Prevention of Crimes of Genocide and Against Negationisms in partnership with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU Europe), the research unit on political life of the Free University of Brussels (Cevipol), the International Roma Youth Network (Ternype) and the European Union Jewish Students (EUJS).

Start: Dec 13 7:00 pm End: Dec 13 10:00 pm Venue: Mundo-b Address:
Rue d'Edimbourg 26
1050 Brussels
Cost: $Free

Dec 14

Quiz Night: Christmas in Hollywood – YP Cyprus

Time TBD

Date: Dec 14 Venue: TBD Address:


Dec 15

YP Houston Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

  |   Houston, TX   |   Event Details

Wear your ugly Christmas sweater and come join your local YPs for some food, fun, and drinks at Hay Merchant! Happy hour specials include a choice of over 30 beers for just $3 each. You can also get a beer and a shot for just $5. $25 gift certificate will be given to the person wearing the ugliest sweater!

Start: Dec 15 3:00 pm End: Dec 15 7:00 pm Venue: The Hay Merchant Address:
1100 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006
United States
Cost: $Free

Dec 16

YP Moscow Breakfast

  |   Moscow   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 16 11:00 am End: Dec 16 1:00 pm Venue: Scenario Cafe Address:
Tverskaya St, 22
Moscow 125009
Russian Federation
Cost: $Free

Dec 17

Presentation of the “Little Armenias” Guide by Author Robin Koulaksezian

  |   Paris   |   Event Details

Most countries have their travel guides. The idea of writing a travel guide about the whole Armenian diaspora has sprung up during the author’s many travels to meet Armenian communities around the world. The “Little Armenias” guide covers 94 countries, including 70 visited by the author, and lists all the addresses, from restaurants to churches to khachkars and grocery stores. Historical and geographical landmarks help to better understand each community.

Many Diaspora Armenians, on their tourist or business trips, wonder if the city they are visiting hosts an Armenian community. If so, who are they? Where do they come from? What are the places to go to meet them? The mission of “Little Armenias” is to answer these questions in a single book, accessible to all.

visit for more info.

Start: Dec 17 7:30 pm End: Dec 17 9:00 pm Venue: AGBU Paris Address:
118, rue de Courcelles
Paris 75017
Cost: $Free

Dec 20

YPGNY Ugly Sweater Holiday Happy Hour

  |   New York, NY   |   Event Details

Come join AGBU YPGNY for a Happy Hour filled with Holiday spirit and the ugliest Christmas Sweater you can find.

We will be having an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest so please dress in your Christmas best!! —The winner will get a ticket to this years YPGNY Silent Auction on January 26th!!!!!

21+ with valid ID for entry.

Start: Dec 20 6:00 pm End: Dec 20 10:00 pm Venue: The Gray Mare Address:
61 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
United States
Cost: $Free

Dec 28

YP Yerevan December Meet Up

Start: Dec 28 7:00 pm End: Dec 28 10:00 pm Venue: Winter Park Address:
Tbilisyan Highway 1/8
Yerevan 0014
Cost: $Free

Dec 31

AGBU Montreal New Year Ball

  |   Ville St. Laurent, Quebec   |   Event Details
Start: Dec 31 8:00 pm End: Dec 31 8:00 pm Venue: AGBU Alex Manoogian School Address:
755, rue Manoogian
Ville St. Laurent, Quebec H4N 1Z5
Cost: $TBD

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