Aug 02 – Aug 06


AGBU FOCUS is a diverse weekend of events organized by a new generation of dynamic young professionals eager to showcase their city. In addition to bringing together vibrant Armenians from around the world to connect and share their perspectives, the weekend is also designed to pay tribute to an AGBU project that has had a meaningful impact on Armenian youth today.

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Start: Aug 02 End: Aug 06 Cost: $Varies

Aug 05

Kids’ Summer Party with AGBU New England

Start: Aug 05 11:00 am End: Aug 05 4:00 pm

Aug 06

Registration/Help New arrived families Syria & Iraq

  |   Melbourne   |   Event Details
Date: Aug 06 Venue: Address:
30 Rocco Drive

Aug 12

Campfire – AGBU-AYA Antranik Sevan Scouts Movement

  |   Kfarmatta   |   Event Details
Date: Aug 12 Venue: Address:

Aug 15

AGBU Holland: Journey to the city of Banneux (Maria Day)

  |   Banneux   |   Event Details
Date: Aug 15 Venue: Address:
Cost: $25 Euro

Aug 18

Piano concert peresented by the pianist Dr. Ahmad Mahmood member of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

  |   Baghdad   |   Event Details
Date: Aug 18 Venue: AGBU Iraq headquarter/Tajerian hall Address:

Aug 18

Campfire – AGBU-AYA Antranik Antelias Scouts Movement

  |   Zandouqa   |   Event Details
Date: Aug 18 Venue: Address:

Aug 21

Golden Age Melbourne Get-Together

  |   Melbourne   |   Event Details
Start: Aug 21 10:00 am End: Aug 21 3:00 pm Venue: Armenian Church Hall Address:

Aug 22

YP LA Meet and Greet with Armen Avakian

  |   Pasadena, CA   |   Event Details
Come join us for a night of meet and greet with Armen Avakian, CEO of Development Foundation of Armenia.

He is here from Armenia and we were able to get him to be our speaker of the night. You will not want to miss this, he is originally from Boston. A young motivated individual who has taken Armenia to a new direction. Come hear about his mission, purpose and how each of us can be part of that movement. Upward and Onward. Looking forward to seeing you all there

Start: Aug 22 7:00 pm End: Aug 22 7:00 pm Venue: AGBU Western District Address:
2495 E Mountain St
Pasadena, CA
United States

Aug 24

AGBU Armenia: “Hotel De Baron” film screening

  |   Yerevan   |   Event Details
Date: Aug 24 Venue: AGBU Armenia HQ Address:
Cost: $Free

Aug 24

End of the season Fiesta with AGBU Lebanon

  |   Beirut   |   Event Details
Start: Aug 24 6:00 pm End: Aug 24 6:00 pm Venue: AGBU Demirdjian Center Address:

Aug 26

Cultural and Social evening with BBQ

  |   Almelo   |   Event Details
Start: Aug 26 5:00 pm End: Aug 26 5:00 pm Venue: Address:
Cost: $Free

Aug 26

AGBU Youth “KHOOMP” – Karaoke Night

  |   Melbourne   |   Event Details
Start: Aug 26 8:00 pm End: Aug 26 8:00 pm Venue: Glen Waverley Community Centre Address:

Aug 28

The closing ceremony of the Tajerian summer school including giving appreciation gifts to the Armenian students

Start: Aug 28 7:00 pm End: Aug 28 7:00 pm Venue: AGBU Iraq headquarter/Tajerian hall Address:

Aug 28

Family get together – Meal night – Backgammon competiton cont.

  |   Melbourne   |   Event Details
Start: Aug 28 7:30 pm End: Aug 28 7:30 pm Venue: Glen Waverley Community Centre Address:

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