Presentation of the “Little Armenias” Guide by Author Robin Koulaksezian

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Dec 17, 2018


7:30 pm



AGBU Paris
118, rue de Courcelles
Paris 75017
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Most countries have their travel guides. The idea of writing a travel guide about the whole Armenian diaspora has sprung up during the author’s many travels to meet Armenian communities around the world. The “Little Armenias” guide covers 94 countries, including 70 visited by the author, and lists all the addresses, from restaurants to churches to khachkars and grocery stores. Historical and geographical landmarks help to better understand each community.

Many Diaspora Armenians, on their tourist or business trips, wonder if the city they are visiting hosts an Armenian community. If so, who are they? Where do they come from? What are the places to go to meet them? The mission of “Little Armenias” is to answer these questions in a single book, accessible to all.

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