University Support

Since Armenia’s independence, AGBU has provided substantial support to universities and their students through both institutional grants and scholarships, raising the bar for education in Armenia and cultivating the next generation of Armenian professionals.

With AGBU as a partner, Armenia’s top institutions of higher learning have maintained a tradition of excellence and a commitment to academic success – at times when neither seemed possible. In the aftermath of the catastrophic 1988 earthquake that left the country paralyzed, engineers who had arrived from overseas to rebuild soon realized that high-quality education and training programs would create the strongest foundation for recovery. AGBU agreed and provided the necessary funding to establish the American University of Armenia (AUA), effectively turning tragedy into opportunity. AUA held its first classes a few short years later, on September 21, 1991, coinciding with Armenia’s declaration of independence to mark a true period of rebirth.

Today, the success of AUA’s seven graduate programs is matched by the achievements of two additional AGBU-supported institutions: the French University in Armenia– the largest French university abroad – and Yerevan State University. Each produce the country’s best and brightest graduates, many of whom receive financial assistance from AGBU. With degrees in computer science, engineering, law, medicine, the performing arts, religious studies and the social sciences, students are well positioned to pursue careers in Armenia and advance progress in their homeland.

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