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There’s just no debating it: students of the AGBU Alexander Primary School in Sydney, Australia, are some of the strongest public speakers in their district.

This month, for the eighth year in a row, the school’s debate team took home the winning title in the Forest District Interschool Debating Competition. During what was at times a nail-biting event, each student delivered strong arguments and rebuttals while friends and family proudly looked on. They finally scored winning points when they were presented with the topic “wisdom is better than strength.” Their reply – that wisdom may bring success in life, but it’s useless without strength of character – put the trophy in their hands. Mrs. Meaghan Terrey, the team coordinator, praised the group, remarking, “I am justly proud of their efforts and congratulate them on their researching of the topics, their presentation and delivery skills. They have learned a great deal.” She also noted that all the school’s students played an important role in supporting the team – and they all look forward to celebrating together!

AGBU is now accepting applications for its 2013 Summer Internship Program, putting the amazing opportunity to live and work in the world’s most exciting cities within reach for Armenian college students.

Each internship program destination – Moscow, New York and Yerevan – offers participants something different, but equally rewarding. In Yerevan, students meet with government officials who are leading the country into the future, while tours of Armenia’s historical landmarks and a four-day journey to Karabakh bring them closer to their past. In Moscow, participants attend seminars with executives at global companies and look forward to a mid-summer trip to St. Petersburg, a favorite annual tradition. In New York, a series of social events and networking activities give meaning to the phrase “the city that never sleeps.”

No matter what city they’re in, AGBU interns are always among their diasporan peers, who quickly become lifelong friends. They’re also positioning themselves for careers – in recent years, AGBU proudly congratulated many interns who were offered jobs at their host institutions. Wherever their internships take them, every student leaves the program with the resources, skills, and strong resumes they need to succeed.

For more information on the AGBU Summer Internship Program, please visit: or call (212) 319-6383.

The competitive selective process is already underway. All interested students are urged to apply now. Scholarships are awarded based on need and academic merit.

Application deadlines and contact information for each program are listed in the ad here.

Halloween is just around the corner in North America, and AGBU’s youngest members are already playing dress up together. Last Sunday, close to 40 parents and children met at the famous Bronx Zoo in New York for AGBU’s very first “Boo at the Zoo” event, one of the many seasonal activities organized for youth ages eight and under by Camp Nubar Kids. Blue skies and perfect weather kept everyone outdoors and on the zoo’s carousel. With every spin it took, another superhero, Disney character, or athlete went by – and though the AGBU kids weren’t dressed like themselves, their laughter and smiles were unmistakably their own.

Camp Nubar is also looking forward to a full year of fun as it prepares to celebrate its much-anticipated 50th anniversary. An exciting Parents’ Night Out is planned for November 1 in New Jersey. Visit the Camp Nubar site for all the details and more.

There are countless texts that chronicle Armenia’s history, but there are few professors who can provide a comprehensive account of the Armenian people – from antiquity to today – in a mere two hours. Juan Pablo Artinian, a member of the AGBU Young Professionals of Buenos Aires (YP Buenos Aires) and a recent guest speaker at the group’s History & Culture of Armenia Lecture Series, is one of them.

On both Friday, September 7 and Tuesday, September 11, 2012, Artinian, a PhD candidate at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, gave back-to-back presentations at the AGBU Alex Manoogian Center in Buenos Aires. Each of the interactive talks drew a crowd of over 40 – “students” of various ages who arrived sharing the same basic knowledge of Armenian history and left well-versed in the field. Each gained a sharper understanding of a range of topics including the early Armenian Kingdoms, the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian Genocide and legal efforts to recognize it.

With a focus on the emergence of the Armenian diaspora and ways they are shaping a bright future for Armenians around the world, the attendees not only learned about history, but how they’re helping to make it.

To learn more about YP Buenos Aires, visit their website or email