Building A Republic
Building A Republic

Envisioning a Bright Future

AGBU's 87th General Assembly

Convening in the Homeland – A Strategic Mission

The world’s largest Armenian non-profit organization held its 87th biennial General Assembly in Armenia—a tradition that occurs every six years—with approximately 300 AGBU members representing 26 countries arriving in Yerevan to bridge their connection to the homeland and plan a roadmap for the Union’s future. The AGBU Yerevan Office, supported by a large number of enthusiastic volunteers, organized a full week of events, including conferences, seminars, Chapter, Young Professionals and Goriz delegate meetings; formal banquets and concerts; as well as inaugurations and consecrations of new buildings and projects.

In the face of an evolving diaspora and rapidly changing geopolitical times, AGBU has remained faithful to its historical mission and stands ready to implement a clear and focused national strategy to maintain its strong commitment to Armenia and Karabakh. Such initiatives are advancing the homeland’s progress and strength, and ensuring the Union will remain at the forefront of the Armenian nation.

Originally published in the December 2012 ​issue of AGBU Magazine. Archived content may appear distorted on your screen. end character

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