Senior Dining Centers (Soup Kitchens)

For over 600 retirees who rely primarily on state pensions, AGBU’s Senior Dining Centers (Soup Kitchens) are a place where they know they will not only receive a substantial meal six days a week, but will also see friends and neighbors who congregate around lunch tables in the Yerevan suburbs of Nork, Malatya and Arapkir. At each of these facilities, which are housed in the same complex as the AGBU Children’s Centers and administered by the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, seniors are served a hot meal alongside ample portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, often leaving with extra helpings that they can enjoy at home. For those who are unable to travel, meals are delivered to them – it’s a lifeline that AGBU has proudly provided since our Senior Dining Centers were first established following Armenia’s independence.

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