Building on the international scout movement that AGBU first set in motion across Egypt, Lebanon and Syria in the 1940s, AGBU’s Armenia-based scout group was initiated in 2008, born from the AGBU Arabkir Children’s Center in Yerevan.

Like all AGBU scouts, those in Armenia place a strong value on camaraderie, integrity and leadership. Several times over the year, the Yerevan scouts take overnight trips to AGBU’s campsite in the country’s Lori region. There, they engage in diverse activities, including discussions, lectures, games, hiking, singing and dancing. When they are not taking excursions, the scouts, who number more than 200, practice their skill sets at weekly meetings in AGBU’s Children’s Centers.

Come summer, the Yerevan-based scouts welcome their diasporan peers who visit for AGBU’s Antranik Scout Camp. The first AGBU camp in Armenia established in 2008, the Antranik Scout program unites yearly hundreds of youth who share a passion for adventure and hail from different countries – Argentina, Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, the United States and Uruguay. They spend June and July hiking and camping amidst the Lori region’s breathtaking mountains, rivers and forests, and enjoy day trips to historic monuments and landmarks throughout the country. The Antranik scouts also participate in educational talks and community service projects, giving them many positive experiences to share when the y return home to their local Chapters.

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