Children’s Centers

AGBU Children’s Centers are afterschool programs located in the Yerevan suburbs of Arapkir and Malatya and Nork.* They provide instruction in studio and performing arts as well as gymnastics, religious studies and computers.

Overseen by a staff of 130 and administered by the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, the facilities are currently a second home for nearly 1700 children and young adults each year. The talents of aspiring artists, dancers, gymnasts, musicians and singers are exemplified by the Centers’ award-winning Performing Arts Troupes. When not rehearsing in Yerevan, they are performing around the world, receiving standing ovations from tens of thousands of admiring spectators.

After 25 years of success, the three centers are ready to meet the demands of changing times with a major overhaul of its facilities that will double the student population to 4,000.  This initiative, called The AGBU Children’s Center Afterschool Reimagined Campaign, will also enable us to expand program curricula and enrich teachers and staff development.

*Other children’s centers in Vanadzor and at Holy Etchmiadzin are under the aegis of Holy Etchmiadzin and are funded by other sources

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