Chess Tournament

Since 2008, AGBU has sponsored the annual Interschool Republican Chess Tournament across Armenia, Karabakh and the Armenian schools in the Javakh region of Georgia. An initiative of the Armenian Chess Federation, under the auspices of the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Education and Science, the Tournament brings together over 5,000 talented youths from more than 1,200 schools throughout the region.

Over the course of eight months, the students compete through four successive rounds, exhibiting their skill and expertise. Many continue to rise to the professional level and take home trophies and prestigious titles from Armenia’s Youth Chess Championship, the Republic of Armenia Chess Championship and the international Vladimir Dvorkovich Cup in Moscow. Together, they help Armenia hold its place as a major player in the chess world.

The tournament winners and the schools that have trained them each receive awards from AGBU, which include chess sets, chess clocks and projectors, as well as souvenirs from the Chess Academy and the Municipality. With those educational materials and new technologies, students continue to stay engaged whether they are in front of the chessboard or the blackboard.

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