Youth Trips

Every summer, hundreds of young, enthusiastic student and volunteers visit Armenia and Karabakh on special trips organized by AGBU schools, chapters and scouts.

School trips to Armenia are an annual AGBU tradition, and students of the AGBU Marie Manoogian School of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Alex and Marie Manoogian School of Detroit, Michigan, and the Vatche Tamar Manoogian and Manoogian Demirdjian Schools of Los Angeles, California and the Tarouhy-Hovagimian Secondary School of Beirut, Lebanon, regularly visit and explore the region. On the much-anticipated tours, students see firsthand the ancient sites that they spend months studying and witness history unfold before their eyes.

Everyone who visits Armenia leaves transformed, but it is AGBU’s scouts and youth groups that do the transforming – of the educational, environmental, and health systems, and wherever else they find the need. On their yearly visits, the AGBU Montreal Venturers Scout Group arrive in Armenia with tens of thousands of dollars in donated funds and boundless enthusiasm, which they use to construct houses for the victims of the devastating 1988 earthquake.

The Venturers’ passion is matched by that of AGBU Youth France (UGAB Jeunes), which initiated its ambitious Arménie Terre de Vie (Armenia, Land of Life) community service project in 2011. Since then, the group has continued to return to Armenia, helping rehabilitate youth centers, preserving the natural beauty of Lake Sevan and delivering dental kits to orphanages – always working in solidarity to change lives.

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