Lake Sevan, known for its beauty and mesmerizing colors, is one of the most famous alpine lakes in the world and a favorite destination for local and foreign visitors.

Homeland as Wonderland

There’s so much more to explore in Armenia than first meets the eye

Levon Badikyan, Gevorg Gasparyan, Zhanna Baroyan, Ashot Arushanyan and Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan

Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan

Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan
Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan

Two years ago, Arthur Lumen Photography, a team of photographers, founded the Awesome Armenia project to showcase the beauty of the Armenian landscape and monuments. Awesome Armenia aims to put Armenia on the map as an attractive tourism destination.

Arthur Lumen Photography was established by photographer and filmmaker Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan who is also the founder and director of Lumen Photo Studio in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2011, he has organized photography workshops and trained 150 students in the art of landscape and portrait photography.

Originally published in the 2018-03-01​ issue of AGBU Magazine. end character

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