• Document which led to the creation of the AGBU.

  • AGBU's fifth anniversary celebrations in Cairo, Egypt, 1911.

  • Paris 1925, meeting of the AGBU Central Board, seated center, Boghos Nubar. Earliest photo available of the Central Board.

  • AGBU Red Cross unit, NY, World War II.

  • Alex Manoogian, fifth President of AGBU, 1953-1989, at the Manoogian-Demirdjian school, one of the many educational institutions he established and supported.

  • Testimonial Dinner in honor of Alex Manoogian, Providence, RI, 1955.

  • The AGBU Nazarian School in Beirut, Lebanon, 1976.

  • AGBU forges its partnership with the American University of Armenia (AUA), providing financial assistance to launch programs and scholarships.

  • AGBU contributed to the ceremony of the canonization of the Holy Martyrs.

Our History

Compelled by a profound sense of national duty, AGBU founder and first President, Boghos Nubar, boldly set out with nine founding members to form an organization to serve all Armenians and preserve the Armenian identity.

Since its inception in Cairo, Egypt on April 15, 1906, the organization’s reputation for integrity resonated and AGBU emerged as an unwavering champion of the Armenian people throughout the 20th century. A chronicle to the times, AGBU’s efforts supported our people faithfully through a tumultuous history of genocide, natural disasters, repatriation, resettlement, revival and national independence. Thanks to the resolute support of our members and donors, AGBU has flourished into a world-class organization with the resources and goodwill to serve Armenians across the Diaspora and in our homeland.

Indebted to the initiative and dedication of our predecessors and recent generations, AGBU’s first century of service has systematically redefined the landscape of the Armenian nation. With an emphasis on educational, cultural and humanitarian programs, AGBU operates worldwide over 69 Districts and Chapters, 47 Community Centers and Offices, and 27 Young Professional Groups; administers 25 day and Saturday schools; and supports a manifold of programs, including the American University of Armenia, Senior Dining Centers (Soup Kitchens), Children’s Centers, Student Scholarships, Summer Camps, Athletics & Scouts, Internship Programs, the Performing Arts and 14 publications in six languages.

Having crossed the threshold into the 21st century, AGBU is committed to upholding its legacy of moral and fiduciary obligation to the Armenian people with unparalleled foresight and direction. Rooted in our very origins, AGBU provides educational and cultural opportunities to Armenian youth today, for the benefit of the world community tomorrow.

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