It has been a long and exciting month for this year’s NYSIP interns with many events having taken place. With the program more than halfway through, the participants have truly gotten to know each other and shared some amazing experiences together.

The month kicked off with a professional lecture on July 3 by Anna Bruno, financial consultant for AXA Advisors. Anna discussed her journey to America and how she became involved in the finance industry before opening the lecture up to questions.

The professional lecture series continued on July 10 with an Entrepreneurship Panel conducted at the AGBU Central Office and organized by 2002 NYSIP alumna Taleen Mangassarian. The interactive panel consisted of Hamilton Colwell of Maia Yogurt, Nil Sen of Examville and Joe Hallett of Company Connector. All three speakers discussed their experiences in founding start-up companies and the importance of perseverance and dedication.


Last weekend, hundreds of alumni, friends and donors of the AGBU New York Summer Intern Program (NYSIP) gathered in New York City for a weekend full of reunions and celebrations to honor the program’s silver jubilee, pay tribute to the visionaries who turned it into a flagship endeavor, and recognize the committed supervisors who nurture the professional aspirations of the students year after year.

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The local Armenian television station covering the New York-New Jersey area (VOAD) was also present at the gala; watch their extensive coverage below:


And click here to listen in on what the Armenian Radio Hour of New Jersey had to say about it too.

Congratulations NYSIP!

The stands at Robinson Stadium of Pasadena City College were brimming with enthusiastic spectators yesterday during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 AGBU World Games. Teams from Alexandria, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cordoba, Montevideo, Montreal, Paris, Pasadena, Sao Paulo, San Fernando Valley, Sydney and Toronto marched in with their respective country’s flags, ready to compete against each other this week during basketball, volleyball, soccer and many other tournaments. May the best AGBU team win! More photos and stories coming soon.

Photo credit: Holy Etchmiadzin

A trip to Armenia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, which is just where students from the AGBU Marie Manoogian Institute of Buenos Aires and members of the AGBU Montreal Venturers Scout Group headed this past Sunday.

Together with the students of the Toronto St. Sahag-Mesrob Saturday School, on July 22, 2012, the AGBU youth were welcomed to the Armenian Church’s headquarters by His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians. Local clergy introduced the group to the Pontiff, who bestowed his blessing and best wishes, praising them for connecting with their cultural heritage and their values.


Moscow Summer Intern Program (MSIP) student Tatevik Sargsyan took a moment to remember the stunning architecture and beautiful fountains she encountered during the group’s trip to St. Petersburg earlier this month.

From Russia with Love

Growing up in Armenia and having had my share of Russian history, I was excited to see Russia’s “Window to the West.” Since childhood I’ve been told that the city dazzles with rich culture, striking architecture, enormous museums, and of course, the Kirov ballet. The prospect of being able to share this amazing experience with my newly found Armenian friends made me anticipate it that much more. Our journey to St. Petersburg started in the morning and on a very interesting note: a downpour. However nothing could break our spirits. The trip to St. Petersburg traditionally made overnight on the “sleeping train,” was upgraded to a ride on the new high speed train Sapsan, with the maximum speed of 250km/h, which cut our journey to as little as four hours. Having arrived in the afternoon we were all a little bit tired. As we stepped out from the train station, we found ourselves immediately on the famous Nevsky Prospekt that cuts through the historical center of the city. The ride to the hotel was really short as it was situated in the courtyard of St. Catherine’s Armenian Church, one of the two Armenian churches positioned perfectly on Nevsky Prospekt. The façade of the church combines elements of both baroque architecture and traditional Armenian details. So as not to lose time, we decided to start our quest immediately. As we strolled down the streets, I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful architecture: every building we passed was like a monument. The first stop was the famous Dom Knigi bookstore located in one of the most beautiful buildings in St. Petersburg. Directly opposite it was the monumental Kazansky Cathedral.