Camp Nubar is having their Winter Reunion event on Saturday, January 14 in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. This annual event allows campers and counselors to reconnect with friends from the summers past.


  1. Vladimir Petrosyan appointed acting vice-mayor of Moscow
  2. Turkey does not have any serious source to prevent adoption of the bill penalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide
  3. Serzh Sargsyan attends opening of exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Armenia typography in Venice
  4. President Serzh Sargsyan visits the Mkhitarian Congregation at the St. Lazarus Island in Venice
  5. Turkey sends parliamentary delegation to France for preventing adoption of Armenian Bill
  6. Sharmazanov considers continuation of dialogue possible
  7. Hayk Demoyan convinced war to result in coup in Azerbaijan
  8. Works over international recognition of Armenian Genocide to intensify
  9. Turkish organizations are refused to be provided a hall in Paris for conducting conference against Armenian bill
  10. Turkish businessmen fear to tell their government that they cooperate with Armenians
  11. Deputy finance minister thinks system of obligatory accumulative pension to result in economic growth
  12. French-Armenians expect NA of France to adopt Bill Criminalizing Armenian Genocide Denial
  13. Armenian community of France coming forth as a citizen of France demands adoption of bill criminalizing denial of Armenian Genocide
  14. Armenia’s participation in “Eurovision 2012” to be clear at the end of the year
  15. Gathering of Armenian film figures of Hollywood in LA
  16. His Holiness Aram I Welcomes the United States of America’s House of Representatives Bill 306 on Church property
  17. Government to allocate funds for paying the tuition fees of about 600 socially insecure and progressive students
  18. Ara Abrahamyan and Samvel Karapetyan – laureates of “Man of the Year-2011” awarding
  19. Money awards to leading Armenian athletes
  20. Arsenal looks at Armenian international midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan

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On October 30, 2011, AGBU launched a tour to promote Dr. George Bournoutian’s newest publication – The 1823 Russian Survey of the Karabagh Province: A Primary Source on the Demography and Economy of Karabagh in the Early 19th Century with an appearance by the author on the Armenian Radio Hour of New Jersey. You can watch the full interview by clicking here: The following weekend, Bournoutian traveled to Montreal and Toronto for talks in front of packed audiences, and also lectured for enthusiastic attendees in New York and Detroit. Several more presentations are scheduled for 2012. The scholarly work proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Armenians formed the overwhelming 95% majority of the populations inhabiting the Nagorno-Karabakh territory and the villages of Zangezur before 1822.

On a related note, another one of Bournoutian’s more than a dozen works has just been published in Turkish. A Concise History of the Armenian People, which was translated by an Armenian and a Turk, made its debut via Aras Publishers in Istanbul at the annual Istanbul International Book Fair (November 18-December 1). This was the first time that an Armenian publishing house participated in the fair. A Concise History, the first of its kind in English, was commissioned by AGBU in 1993-1994, and has since sold 20,000 copies and been adopted as the main text at a number of colleges, universities and high schools teaching Armenian history. The Turkish edition may be purchased through the Aras site.


  1. Better mobility between Armenia and EU discussed
  2. There is no political crisis in Armenia so that government resigns
  3. ARF’s initiative not backed by the parliament
  4. Armenian President attends opening of Armenian Consulate General in Marseilles
  5. President of Lebanon arrives in Armenia
  6. Heritage Party accepts EPP mandate
  7. President of Lebanon wishes Armenia find its perfect integrity
  8. RA President says attempts of Azerbaijan to present NK issue in religious coloring senseless
  9. RA President’s speech in Marseille causes shock in Turkey
  10. Raffi Hovhannissyan believes Armenia is on the threshold of big changes
  11. RA President’s visit to Italy kicks off
  12. Serzh Sargsyan is in Italy on a working visit
  13. Serzh Sargsyan to meet Mayor of Rome and President of Italian Chamber of Deputies
  14. British companies interested in making investments in Armenia
  15. Armenia and Lebanon to reinforce economic ties
  16. President of Armenia urges Armenians of France return to Homeland
  17. Philharmonic Orchestra faces serious financial challenges
  18. Charles Aznavour to present “Aznavour Toujours” new album in Kremlin
  19. Documentary film on NK issue presented in Prague
  20. Italy to be moved to Yerevan
  21. 23 years after devastating earthquake: still remembered, still mourned
  22. Poorest community of the country has a new kindergarten and medical center
  23. Capital to mark New Year in unimaginable light

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Attracting hundreds of local community members excited about the upcoming holiday season, the AGBU Lebanon District Ladies’ Committee held its annual Christmas bazaar at the Demirdjian Center during the weekend of December 9 to 11, 2011. Featured at the event was a brand new cookbook published by local AGBU member Aline Kamakian entitled “Armenian Cuisine (pictured above),” which features authentic recipes researched during her trip to the Cilicia region of Turkey with anthropologist and writer Dr. Barbara Drieskens. Kamakian, who is the co-owner of the renowned restaurant Mayrig in Lebanon, will also be touring North America in March/April of 2012 to present the book and talk about her travels. For those in the US and Canada interested in purchasing this 368-page full color cookbook, please contact ($45 + $7 shipping).