A television news segment on the AGBU scouts in Armenia.


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This television segment was broadcast on recently on Armenian public television, H1. In addition to an overview of the AGBU summer camp in Armenia’s Lori region, it features short interviews with AGBU scouting leaders and scouts.

On Monday, July 25, NYSIP interns met with Shant Petrossian, senior editorial producer for Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, at the AGBU Central Office in Manhattan. Petrossian, who has also produced for Rachael Ray, spoke to the interns about his career path and how he broke into a very difficult field through hard work and perseverance.

A key message Petrossian gave to the interns was to know when to walk away. He illustrated his point by explaining why he left a stable position at Rachael Ray for a boom or bust pick at a new show on CNN that replaced Larry King Live.

On Thursday, July 21, NYSIP interns were invited to a special event sponsored by the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York.

The event, dubbed “Mentoring Night,” was a collective effort of numerous Armenian professionals in various fields coming together for a night of mentoring and advising the interns under their expert tutelage.

As an important component of the program, Mentoring Night puts the interns on the right track in order to facilitate career direction at each step of their professional lives.