In light of the current situation in Egypt, reports that the Armenian embassy in Cairo (website) has started a hotline for local Armenians and Armenian nationals in the country:

Armenian nationals, currently in Egypt, can call +20122163850, if they need help by the embassy.

Tigran Balayan, the spokesperson for Armenian Foreign Ministry told that everything is all right with both the Armenian nationals who are currently in Egypt, and with the Egyptian-Armenians.

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The Armenian embassy in Cairo is located at 20 Mohamed Mazhar Strett, in the Zamalek neighborhood of Cairo, and their website is


  1. AGBU partnering with Eduardo Eurnekian in NKR: “One Laptop Per Child” Project
  2. Driving away the responsibility of genocide, the Turkish state leaves the shame of the genocide committer on its people
  3. Expert: Karabakh must have its word in issue relation to it
  4. Expert: no possibility of war
  5. Sergey Shakaryants: Gul’s speech at PACE was not something new
  6. Gagik Minasyan: Turkey goes on speaking in a language of preconditions
  7. Levon Shirinyan: Presidency of Turkey at PACE cannot bring to serious changes
  8. Avetis Berberyan appointed RA President’s assistant
  9. “Heritage” ready to cooperate with opposition
  10. Head of Jewish community says denial of genocide is a crime against whole mankind
  11. RA President: Referendum only way to settle Karabakh conflict
  12. Serzh Sargsyan: Azerbaijan does not want to negotiate with NK, but it does not mean that Karabakh is not partaking in the negotiation process
  13. German company to present proposals on efficient organization of garbage cleaning in Yerevan
  14. “Vatel” institute introduced into Armenia
  15. Robert Minasyan: To develop tourism in Armenia first of all we must learn to smile
  16. Online system of hotel reservation to be applied in Armenia
  17. Harut Sassounian: German insurance companies should stop cheating their Armenian clients By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier
  18. The Armenian Philanthropists’ Avenue to operate this year
  19. Programs of Diaspora Ministry to have youth inclination
  20. A blues concert dedicated to Martin Luther King Day
  21. International contests in creative unions
  22. Chairman of European Piano Competition to visit Armenia
  23. Restoration centers for preservation of cultural heritage to be established
  24. Electronic exhibitions of collections of RA Culture Ministry’s museums to be organized
  25. Joint systems of electronic sale of tickets to be introduced into cultural structures
  26. Hasmik Poghosyan: ‘The Educational Part of the Jazz College will be preserved’
  27. The Yerevan asylum – home to 1260 homeless people
  28. 49 km-long road sectors and 6 bridges to be repaired
  29. German Red Cross to continue charitable programs in Yerevan
  30. Social polls to find out youth issues
  31. The Union of Russian Armenians has declared the 2011 as the Year of Youth
  32. Introductory visit of foreign journalists to Armenia
  33. Scientific conference dedicated to 500th anniversary of Armenian book-printing
  34. President meets parents of killed servicemen
  35. A concept on funding of development of physical culture and sport needed

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On December 18, 2010, the Koghtan Choir — under the direction of Haig Sarkissian — gave a concert at the AGBU Cultural Center in Paris. The concert was held to help the AGBU Paris-Youth section’s humanitarian project, slated for summer 2011 in Armenia

Over 100 people attended the event. The works of Komitas, Avetissian, Hovhanessian, and Zakarian were performed. Guest artists Lucie Deroian and Pierre Vaello gave their interpretation of Komitas and Sayat Nova songs. The evening ended with a cocktail reception.

With more than 40 concerts, both in France and abroad, the Koghtan Choir has been promoting Armenian culture and music for nearly 20 years.


  1. Any testimony for the consolidation of the NKR statehood causes inadequate reaction by Baku
  2. Bako Sahakyan receives Russian philanthropist
  3. President Sargsyan meets Thomas Hammarberg
  4. Davit Jamalyan: Turkish propaganda is more dangerous
  5. Yervand Bozoyan: Nalbandyan-Mammadyarov meeting may weaken the tension
  6. Serzh Sargsyan: We strive to have a state, a society whose pillars are knowledgeable people
  7. Turkologist: Turkey tries to suspend recognition of Armenian Genocide through blackmailing
  8. Charles Aznavour calls on to Israel to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide
  9. It is early to expect progress in NK conflict settlement
  10. Political analyst: It is difficult to expect any drastic progress or changes in the Karabakh conflict settlement process
  11. Yervand Bozoyan: ‘The Armenian side gives proper responses to Azerbaijan’s instigating policy’
  12. President Sargsyan sends letter of condolences on a terrorist attack at the Domodedovo airport
  13. About 8000 foreign citizens visited the NKR in 2010
  14. Armenian Catholicos undergoes surgery in New York
  15. Armen Ashotyan: Our future is only in knowledge and healthy competition
  16. “Ayb” senior school to work in 2011-2012 academic year
  17. Pavel Avetisyan: Areni structures prove ancient facts of wine production
  18. Association of Armenian graduates received education at US educational establishments opens
  19. Elections of YSU rector May 29
  20. YSU to offer a major in Caucasus Science starting from 2012
  21. 2 lecturers of YSU dismissed for taking bribes
  22. YSU needs young lecturers
  23. Four Armenians injured in “Domodedovo” bomb blast

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