1. Blessing Ceremony at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
  2. Helping the children of the Gyumri F. Nansen orphanage
  3. Bako Sahakyan partook at a solemn event dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the ARF
  4. Artak Davtyan: Armenia’s foreign policy 2010 can be defined as realistic
  5. Artak Shakaryan: ‘The H. Res. 252 is neither the start, nor the end of our claim’
  6. Hayk Demoyan: If normalization process of Armenian-Turkish relations resumes, a new document must be put at the table
  7. Ruben Melkonyan: ‘Turkey’s Foreign Policy is in skids’
  8. 2010 Actions of ARF Directed to Socioeconomic, National and Democratic Issues
  9. Vahan Dilanyan: In 2010 Serzh Sargsyan strengthened the international view of Armenia’s being a trustworthy and stable partner
  10. President Serzh Sargsyan receives representatives of business community of Armenia
  11. Armenian American benefactor Vahe Karapetian was awarded the Gold Medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora
  12. Winter Festival to launch
  13. Rock festival dedicated to establishment of Armenian Rock Association
  14. A number of Hovhannes Tumanyan’s handwritings issued for the first time
  15. Winners of “Exhibition of One Work” to be given silver medals
  16. RA People’s Artist Kim Yeritsyan passed away
  17. Serzh Sargsyan partakes in YSU Council’s Year-End Session
  18. Serzh Sargsyan: The passing year was quite efficient from the viewpoint of the work of mass media
  19. President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the meeting of the Council of the Chess Federation

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The AGBU scout leader giving a token of appreciation to their Armenian military guide during their November 13 visit. (all photos courtesy AGBU Yerevan)

On November 13, 2010, AGBU’s Yerevan Scout Group visited the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Academy. They toured the classrooms of the Academy, got acquainted with the conditions and were provided with detailed information about each specialized classroom. The brief presentation and lecture was followed by questions by a question and answer period.

AGBU scouts are instructed on the ins and outs of military maps.

The scouts were taught basic skills and knowledge on military defense and tactics, as well as locating and disarming land mines. Some scouts had the opportunity to do target practice. The group also visited the museum of the Academy.

Following the in-depth tour, AGBU Yerevan Scouts gave souvenirs to the Academy as a token of gratitude and appreciation for the visit. (more…)

Students during a performance of the play "Kioksi Maha"

To close out the 2009-2010 academic year, the AGBU Plovdiv Chapter’s Saturday school held a graduation ceremony and production of five plays in front of parents, AGBU members, and a vast audience at the Armenian Culture House. The plays included “Kach Nazar” (Nazar the Brave) by Hovhannes Tumanyan; “Kioksi Maha” (The Death of Kioks); “Karmir Klkharguh” (The Red Hat); “Aragile yev Aghvese” (The Stork and the Fox); and “Mrchune yev Chpure” (The Ant and the Cricket). Besides the young students who performed, the production was made possible by Teodora Cherneva, Mariam Kanaleva, Hacho Manukyan, Malvina Manukyan, and Stepan Parsehyan.

The underlying goal of presenting these plays was to help the students gain language proficiency – children were asked to learn not only their own lines but also the lines of their friends and fellow performers, enhancing their communication skills and confidence. The chairman of AGBU Plovdiv, Roupen Chavushian, acknowledged all students and teachers of the Saturday school for their achievements and granted certificates to the graduates. Verjinia Garabedian, chairman of the Educational Committee of AGBU Plovdiv and director of the Armenian School, conveyed her regards to the guests as well. She also gave special mention to student Beniamna Airapetaina, who travels 45km each Saturday to attend classes.


  1. Hrayr Tovmasyan appointed Justice Minister, Tigran Davtyan becomes Economy Minister and Vache Gabrielyan appointed Finance Minister
  2. Miguel Angel Launcher: Turkey cannot deny the genocide, and must bear historical responsibility
  3. Armen Ashotyan says all those officials who will not correspond to the demands of the head of the state must not work
  4. Kiro Manoyan NK must participate in the negotiation process
  5. Ashot Ghulyan: International community displays more serious interest in NK conflict regulation
  6. Edgar Hovhannisyan: Recognition process of Armenian Genocide seems to enter to plenary sessions again
  7. Brian Arduni: H.RES.252 concerns true American merits
  8. Levon Zurabyan positively assesses staff changes of the government
  9. Vache Gabrielyan Appointed RA Finance Minister
  10. New Director General of “ArmRusgasprom” introduced
  11. 11 young people of Armenia to leave for Amsterdam in the result of ‘Come Home’ project
  12. Karen Karapetyan to come forth with his program on development of Yerevan
  13. Introduction of electronic passports intended in 2011 September
  14. Harutyun Kushkyan: Quality of some medical services provided in Armenia and abroad is the same
  15. 70 rural ambulatories and healthcare centers in Armenia need improvement
  16. New Mayor gives oath
  17. Tigran Sargsyan: We are sure the newly elected mayor with his human characters and professional qualities will justify the trust toward him
  18. A number of achievements registered in 2010 in the sphere of education
  19. Financing Competition for Young Scientists to be announced
  20. Tigran Sargsyan Chairman of Council of State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan

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