1. Armenia has a privilege over Azerbaijan in NK peace talks
  2. Armen Arzumanian: President of Armenia did not use the expression ascribed to him in the video posted on YouTube
  3. NA majority suggests “Heritage” not put the bill on recognition of the independence of the Nagorno Karabakh for voting October 28
  4. Joint statement agreed as a result of the meeting of Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani Presidents
  5. Trilateral meeting of Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani Presidents held today in Astrakhan
  6. The political coalition not participate in the voting on the bill on recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic
  7. Levon Shirinyan says Armenia must be more initiative in the Karabakh conflict settlement process
  8. The voting on bill on recognition of independence of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic postponed to December 9
  9. Eduard Sharmazanov: Astrakhan meeting is a blow to Baku’s military rhetoric
  10. Deputies of the European Parliament visit Tsitsernakaberd Memorial
  11. RA political forces are unanimous – the NKR independence does not have alternative
  12. Nearly 70 companies to arrive in Yerevan from 18 Russian regions for “Expo Russia-Armenia 2010”
  13. “DigiTec Expo 2010” international technology exhibition to be held October 29-31
  14. Time to Take a Stand: Who to Vote for and Who to Vote Against? By Harut Sassounian Publisher, The California Courier
  15. Participants of “Come Home” hosted at RA National Assembly
  16. RA Diaspora Ministry receives participants of “Come Home”
  17. Ohanyan receives diaspora young people participating in the “Come Home” program
  18. “Cultural Dialogue” youth festival to be conducted in Armenia
  19. Serzh Sargsyan visits exhibition on the occasion of 10th anniversary of establishment of “The RA President Award”
  20. Armenia and Italy to cooperate in preservation of cultural heritage
  21. Brother Shahe: The public has wrong perception about monastic life
  22. Catholicos of All-Armenians Karekin II receives Mayor of Montreal
  23. “Telethon 2010” to be held November 25
  24. RA Ambassador Hamlet Gasparyan meets with Romanian Minister of Culture and National Patrimony Hunor Kelemen
  25. Repair works of Old Yerevan are in process
  26. Ministry of Science and Education undertakes measures to reduce corruption risks in educational system
  27. Main round of “Computer for Everybody” program to launch this November
  28. Autumn Tree Planting in the Memory of Victims of Armenian Genocide

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  1. Armenian President visits UN Armenia office
  2. RA delegation speaks about attempts of Azerbaijan to confuse the international community
  3. The voting for the bill on recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic to take place during the four-day sitting
  4. Armenian Ambassador to Egypt Armen Melkonyan hands credentials to Chairman of the African Union Commission Jean Ping
  5. Yervand Bozoyan: In case Azerbaijan starts war, Armenia must immediately recognize NKR independence
  6. NA to adopt bill on recognition of the NKR independence in case RA President suggests
  7. Armen Rustamyan: The Nagorno Karabakh conflict is not being solved because of unconstructive position of Azerbaijan
  8. Armen Rustamyan: Armenian Revolutionary Federation does its best in order electoral processes are adequate to people’s wishes
  9. Armenia to participate in international London tourism exhibition
  10. Armenian Diaspora Minster Hranush Hakobyan to visit Armenian community structures in Iran
  11. The 8th forum on “Shirak’s Historic-Cultural Heritage” ends its work in Gyumri
  12. All-Armenian Painting Day in Yerevan
  13. World famous musicians Joe Cocker, Goran Bregovic and Placido Domingo to give concerts in Armenia
  14. International Book Exhibition in Yerevan
  15. Bako Sahakyan receives cultural and art workers of the republic
  16. Ani included in the list of eliminating monuments of the world
  17. “Popok” international advertisement festival in Armenia
  18. Representative of Holy See participates in “Let’s Save Monasteries” gathering
  19. Restoration works of the ceiling of St. Kirakos Church, Diarbekir, finished
  20. Serzh Sargsyan present at Gyumri Day celebration
  21. Summit of Francophonie for the first time touches upon Artsakh issue
  22. 44 people applied for getting asylum in Armenia
  23. 36 106 visits to Matenadaran have been registered in nine months of 2010
  24. New school of Gishi village to be handed to exploitation in January 2011
  25. Armenian Journalists’ Union has 1400 members
  26. World Armenian Writers Union has 250 members

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US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch (image via

As part of her visit to the Armenian-American Diaspora communities, US Ambassador to Armenia, Marie L. Yovanovitch, accompanied by her Executive Assistant Susan Christy and Public Private Alliance Specialist at USAID Armenia, Jeffrey Paretchan, made stops in Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
On October 11, the Ambassador met with leaders of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) in Glendale.
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  1. RA Ambassador Ashot Kocharyan meets with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri
  2. Hayk Demoyan: The anti-Armenian ideology in Azerbaijan is raised on a state level
  3. Hayk Demoyan: The attempts of “creation” of history in Azerbaijan has no relation with scientific character
  4. German President highlights opening of Armenian-Turkish border
  5. Edward Nalbandyan says it is not urgent to recognize Artsakh as long as there is an opportunity to come to regulation through negotiations
  6. Edward Nalbandyan: We are ready to go forward if Turkey again be ready for normalization of relations without pre-conditions
  7. Thorbjorn Jagland: The Council of Europe will assist the peace process of Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement
  8. “Association of All-Armenian Financers and Bankers” created
  9. The initial capital of the All-Armenian Bank is 100 million USD equivalent AMD
  10. Tigran Sargsyan: Tatev rope way essentially increases tourism attraction in Armenia
  11. “Armenia – Your partner” international expo in Yerevan
  12. Media unfairly bashes all Armenians because of alleged crimes of a few By Harut Sassounian Publisher, The California Courier
  13. YSU Chair of Diaspora Studies has 11 students
  14. A scientific conference dedicated to 90th anniversary of Hachn heroic battle held at Haykazyan University of Beirut
  15. “The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia” awarded Grand Prix of the 19th International Festival of Ethnological Films in Belgrade
  16. Festival of Children’s Films in RA provinces
  17. Joe Cocker’s concert entitled “Hard Knocks”
  18. Ruzanna Sirunyan: 4th Yerevan International Music Festival has succeeded
  19. 31 theatrical groups to participate in “Seed of Pomegranate”
  20. 1698 books placed in the All-Armenian electronic library
  21. “Ararat” cultural TV channel participates in “Golden Prague” 47th international cultural TV film festival
  22. “United Nations Women Guild provided 7 thousand Euros for repair of Children’s house of Gyumri
  23. “Artsakh” district to be handed to exploitation in 2011 in Stepanakert
  24. Procedure of getting Schengen visa from the French embassy to Armenia facilitated
  25. More than 900 children are living in children’s houses of the republic
  26. The new kindergarten of the Drakhtik community of the Hadrut region of Artsakh will be put into exploitation in 2011

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  1. Hampig Mardirossian: for registering achievements in all-national issues the potential of Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora must be joined
  2. Except for ‘Heritage’ all the NA parties against discussing bill on NK recognition now
  3. Didier Parakyan: ‘The Armenians of Marseille are disappointed with Turkey’s Policy’
  4. Slovenian President and his spouse visit Tsitsernakaberd Memorial
  5. Slovenia calls on Turkey to exert efforts toward bringing the Armenian-Turkish protocols into life
  6. Philip J. Crowley: The USA remains committed to resolving Armenian-Turkish issues
  7. Zdislaw Kudla: ‘How can one avoid responsibility for killing a nation?’
  8. Stepan Safaryan: After the upcoming elections Azerbaijan will not change its position in Nagorno Karabakh issue
  9. Peter Semneby: ‘It is not surprising that Armenia worries about the massive military expenses of Azerbaijan’
  10. Levon Shirinyan: Armenian issue has “stuck in the throat of the Turkish state”
  11. President Serzh Sargsyan participates at the inaugural ceremony of Tatev airtram
  12. RA chief consul in Los Angeles visits “Narek “Armenian school of Glendale
  13. Bako Sahakyan receives RA minister of Diaspora Hranoush Hakobyan
  14. Stepanakert-Los Angeles live video-bridge organized as part of the 5th Pan-Armenian forum of journalists and mass media
  15. 40 participants of ‘Come Home’ project’s final stage to arrive in Yerevan
  16. Bako Sahakyan meets Armenian-American philanthropist Albert Boyajyan
  17. Representatives of Armenian mass media of Diaspora attach importance to formation of joint information field
  18. Expectations from ‘HayFest’ festival justified
  19. Over 10 exhibitions to be held at RA Painters Union
  20. RA Order of Honor handed over to world-famous musician Brian May
  21. First Republican ‘Ayvazyan’ Festival to be held in Yerevan
  22. ‘Rock against Smoking’ Action in Yerevan
  23. The 5th festival of young theatrical stage direction changes its format
  24. Results of Jivan Gasparyan International Duduk Competition to be summed up
  25. José Gurriarán’s ‘The Armenians: Forgotten Genocide’ Book Published in St. Petersburg
  26. Results of 6th international junior film festival summed up
  27. Tom Palmen: Junior film festival has its unique place among European festivals
  28. By the end of the year about 100 employees of museums of Armenia to be trained
  29. Catholicos of All Armenians receives YSU students
  30. Saint Hovhannes Church of Kotayk Diocese consecrated
  31. NKR President receives group of students from RA MFA’s Armenian Diplomatic School
  32. About 250 foreigners apply for studying in Armenia
  33. 5th Pan-Armenian forum of journalists and mass media opens in Stepanakert
  34. Armenian-French community to do its best for adopting bill on criminal punishment for denial of Armenian Genocide
  35. Sonia Bairamyan: ‘The all-national issues, the Diaspora Minister spoke about, are imperative’
  36. Five thousand USD gathered during donation campaign held as part of “Tatev Rebirth” program
  37. NKR NA Chairman Ashot Ghulyan Receives Participants of 5th All-Armenian Conference of Journalists
  38. Fifth all-Armenian forum of journalists sums up its work in Stepanakert
  39. Participants of 5th All-Armenian Conference of Journalists Call on to Team up for Achieving All-National Goals
  40. Armen Ashotyan: No violence against child is justified
  41. Bako Sahakyan convokes working consultation dedicated to the preparatory activities of the 2010 Telethon

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