As we tweeted earlier this month, this year’s Discover Armenia trip has been sharing its adventures with the world by photoblogging their journey across Armenia and Karabakh.

While participants left for home this weekend, you can still see images of their adventures over the past few weeks here…including (and this is only a summary):

Judging by the photos, looks like this year’s trip was spectacular!

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From the August 20, 2009 edition of Aravot Newspaper in Armenia:

Through the Eyes of Diasporan Youth Living in Armenia is an Art by Mariam Arsenian

Nanor Balabanian is an Armenian from Lebanon, who lives and studies in California and is a future political scientist. She is in Armenia together with 26 other diasporan students from different parts of the world spending their summer internship in various organizations within the framework of Armenian General Benevolent Union’s (AGBU) Yerevan Summer Intern Program (YSIP). Nanor, who spent her internship in the UN Yerevan office, said that it is very difficult to find an internship in America today. The students told us that they hurried to submit their applications as soon as they learned about AGBU’s internship program in Armenia.

“I had two goals – gain experience and get closer acquainted with Armenia and Armenians,” said Nanor.

During the one month that the students stayed in Armenia they managed to notice that living in Armenia is quite expensive. Future political scientist, Canadian-Armenian Nairi Karakas noticed that in Armenia people work hard but earn very little.

Meghedy Shahnazarian, who had her internship in one of the Yerevan hospitals, was surprised by the carelessness in the hospital. “In America, everybody wears closed [toe] shoes in hospitals. Here the nurses are wearing high heels. They do not wear gloves while working with blood. This is very dangerous,” said Meghedy. (more…)

Report by Susanna Makaryan of ArTn Shant TV (04:23)

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