Click here to download the PDF (201KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.

The following are some photos from the AGBU Baghdad scout troupe’s participation in the April 24 commemoration in Baghdad, Iraq.

In addition to the 35 AGBU scouts, leaders and members of AGBU Baghdad also participated in the event.

Alexis Halejian spoke on behalf of the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York at the Armenian Genocide rally in Times Square on Sunday. The event was attended by hundreds of people and included a wide cross-section of the New York area’s Armenian American community.

Alexis had the following to say about the rally:

As far as you could see behind you, to the side of you and in front of you was a sea of Armenians at the crossroads of the world (and Times Square)…It was extremely inspirational to see the crowd rise to their feet in excitement and hope as each speaker delivered their message. Everyone had something different to say, but the common theme seemed to be, ‘We are proud to be Armenians and will not rest until the issues of our past are recognized and resolved in the future.’

Click here to download the PDF (200KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.

The Lark Musical Society and AGBU have joined forces to present the extraordinary Armenian composer Dikran Tchouhadjian‘s “Zemiré” opera semiseria on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2008.

This will be the third of Tchouhadjian’s four operettas to have been revived by the two organizations. The full-scale Armenian production will be staged for the first time since it was written and performed in 1891.

According to the production’s website:

For too long Tchouhadjian’s creations have remained un-produced and unpublished, rendering them practically inaccessible to artists, historians, and the music-loving public. It is our intention to employ these performances as a springboard, bringing us nearer to the ultimate goal of publishing Zemire in a definitive version for the first time ever. In this manner we can assure the longevity of a cultural and musical monument, and rescue Tchouhadjian from a lamentable oblivion.

You can visit “Zemir锑s wonderful new website here, where you can:

  • check for general performance info,
  • purchase tickets,
  • read a synopsis of the opera’s story,
  • learn about the history of the opera, and much more.